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Women on the Move Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting 2016

Business Etiquette for Professionals - Enhance Awareness

It's the nuances that make the difference between hiring you or your competitors...

Business Etiquette for Professionals is about realizing that you are the ambassador/s of and for your business.

The focus of this workshop is to help you stand out above your competitors by learning the fine points of business etiquette to differenciate yourself and demonstrate your professional demeanor. 

Communicate with Impact - Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are no longer perceived as a "plus" in the business world—it's expected. The higher you go in a company, the more crucial this skill becomes. This workshop will enable you to speak with confidence and clarity and deliver your message with IMPACT!

Creating a Customer Friendly Culture - Perception

People don't desire your service because they are made to understand. They desire your service because they feel understood. In this workshop we will address the Four Basic Needs of customers and learn how to build a relationship that perceived to be welcoming and responsive to your customers.

Cultural Awareness In The Workplace

Today, more than ever business success requires intercultural awareness and effective cross cultural communication skills.

Working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different cultures can be a minefield.

Understanding and appreciating intercultural differences ultimately promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, opens horizons and yields tangible results in terms of business success.

Interviewing Insights - Preparation

You have heard this thousands of times... Making a positive first impression is key to a successful interview...and guess what, it is true! Are you prepared for your upcoming interview? This workshop will teach you the fine points of preparing yourself for an interview.

Interviewing Skills for a Multicultural Environment

Understanding cultural norms and building a cohesive and productive workforce begins with the knowledge and skills to hirer people who will function well together as a team. In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate your skills and develop an understanding of cultural behaviors that differenciate the abundance mentaility from the uninformed.

Ordinary to Extraordinary Public Speaking

Build Your Confidence and A Major Core Competency!

There are key elements in mastering the skill of public speaking. However, before you can even begin, you must master your own insecurities. This course will help you to first:

Understand where the nervousness comes from and why.

To master your fears and use them as a valuable tool to engage your audience.

How to go from ordinary to extraordinary and communicate with impact!

Present Yourself for Success - Career Focus

You have all heard this: You can never make a second first impression!

What separates you from others?

Present Yourself for Success is about projecting an image of value, confidence, and credibility that  equates to a lasting first impression.

Learn how to answer these questions...and more:

What are your differentiators?
What value do you bring that is different from someone else?
What makes you relevant and marketable?

Learn how to Separate Yourself From the Crowd!

Reinventing Yourself-Career Transition Management

At this very moment, unknowingly, you are probably holding yourself back due to self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
We process thousands of thoughts each minute. When we take the time to be aware of our thoughts, we could make a powerful mindset shift that will significantly change our lives!  That is to “think as an ‘Owner’ of our thoughts.”
Just this one small step will be the difference in whether we move closer toward our goals or further away from them.
This workshop will help you to reinvent your thinking…to think as an “owner” and drive you to challenge your thinking to reinvent yourself.

Self Leadership - Enabling Your Personal Power

Social Networking - LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

Team Building - Your Staff is Your Window To The World

People in every workplace talk about building a team of people that will work as a team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team.

Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission and objectives of your organization, and having the confidence within yourself to work toward creating an environment of shared knowledge, talents and skills to support the organization as a whole.

The Anatomy of Networking - Connecting

The Art of Facilitating Effective Meetings - Focus

Facilitating a meeting is a skill that challenges our abilities to focus, encourage, and support the thoughts, opinions, and values of others while ensuring a quality of discussion targeting the tasks and goals at hand. This interactive workshop will identify core skills and demonstrate methods to enhance your ability to conduct effective and productive meetings.

The Art, Science & Practice of Effective Communication

It's not the what, it's the way we speak that makes the difference. Whether you are speaking to a large audience of one person, your credibility and clarity of subject will make you or break you in the first 30 seconds.

The Stress Factor - Back to Basics

The Four C's...Clarity of self, Clarity of Mind, Clarity of Spirit and Clarity of Vision will help you to define self truths and allow you to negotiate difficult situations with focused insight. In this workshop you will learn to address stress in your terms, as an individual, and modify behaviors that cause undesirable results. You will learn the tools to help you turn negative, unproductive stressful behavior into positive productive action.

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